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Shower Steamers Valentines Gift Set - Highly Scented All Natural Shower Fizzy by Pharmacist Made

Shower Steamers Valentines Gift Set - Highly Scented All Natural Shower Fizzy by Pharmacist Made

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The easiest way to make a standard shower feel special is by using a shower steamer. These highly scented (with essential oils), long lasting shower bombs will last through one long shower, about 8 minutes directly under a full shower spray. This special Valentines gift box contains six heart shower bombs in the High Vibe Scent. The scent was created from essential oils which are the highest vibrating, up to 580 mHz! And the smell is amazing.

Pure. Natural. Organic. Effortless skin care, bath & beauty. Wellness from the outside in. No artificial fragrances or colors ever. No fillers. No icky chemicals.

To use: for best fragrance release, place directly in the shower stream. To prolong the steamer, place where it gets wet but not directly underneath the shower stream. DO NOT USE AS A BATH BOMB - there is way too much essential oil. Not intended for children. Please do not use if pregnant or nursing. Check with your doctor first. For the best experience, turn off your lights and light a few candles. Make sure everyone is told not to bother you for a good little while. Let the warmth of the shower soothe you as you empty your thoughts of what you need to do and fill them with positive images. Pray. Take your time. You might want to use a shower scrub. Follow up with high quality lotion or body oil. Watch out world, you are renewed.

A word about vibrations. Have you heard that everything on Earth has a frequency? Processed food actually doesn't. Some raw, herbs and vegetables have a vibration of 25 or so. A human's frequency is 62-72, and the healthier you are, the higher it is. As you age, it lowers and when you die, you can actually watch the frequency go down. A person with cancer might have a frequency in the 50s. Essential oils have very high frequencies, ranging from 54 to 580. The oils in this shower steamer were chosen to be some of the highest so that you can smell the fragrance and raise your own vibe.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sorbitan oleate (a hardener made from olive oil and sorbitol, a natural sugar alcohol), zea mays, magnesium sulfate, castor oil, kaolin, beet powder (for color), grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, orange oil, geranium oil, lemon oil, tangerine oil, lavender oil, black spruce oil, ravintsara oil, frankincense oil, helichrysum oil, rose absolute
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