Pharmacist Made was founded by Melissa Stramel, PharmD. A pharmacist takes enough classes to have a degree in both chemistry and biology. This is a good foundation for the beginnings of a skin care company.

Here is Melissa's story: "One day my 11 year old daughter asked me if I knew that sulfates are bad for hair. I told her I had never really thought about it. But I also have an infant son, which means lots of time spent not sleeping -- time that I spent researching! I found out that not only is sodium laurel sulfate bad for our bodies, so are a whole slew of other chemicals. My husband and I decided our family should try to be more organic in our body care to match our diet. Well it didn't take long for me to realize that I could formulate most of the products that I considered buying. I could even improve upon them! And so, Pharmacist Made was born. I use cold-pressed, unrefined, organic oils and as many organic ingredients as I can get my hands on. I make them out of love for my family, but I share them out of love for yours."

Pure, natural, organic skin care. Pharmacist Made. Your prescription for beauty.