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Large Lip Balm in an eco paper tube

Large Lip Balm in an eco paper tube

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Some of Pharmacist Made’s most noteworthy flavors of lip balm are making a comeback. Now in a paper tube holding 11.2 g of lip balm. That’s almost 3 times more than a conventional tube. No plastic touching this balm! When you’re finished with the tube, just recycle or compost it. This tube works by pushing up a paper disc with your finger from the bottom of the tube. Even when almost gone, I have found they stand up well.

With 6 simple ingredients, it's a remarkable combination:

Organic pomegranate oil.

Organic apricot oil.

Organic castor oil.

Organic cocoa butter.

Organic beeswax.

All natural candelilla wax.

Each lip balm is flavored with plant essences and essential oils.

Wildflower: lavender, vanilla and Roman chamomile.

Warm Apple Pie: apple extract, Benjamin tree extract, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, clove & sweet orange and colored with a soft peach mica.

the Beach is a little different: add in some organic coconut oil and flavored with lime, tangerine, spearmint and rosemary. And it’s colored with a little bronze mica for a sandy shimmer.


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